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He's my love, my life, my everything ♥

The Lady
Low Jie Ning Marilyn ♥
♥ Attached to Yang Wei Lun Warren, 22.07.2011
♥ Engaged to Yang Wei Lun Warren, 06.11.2013
♥ Married to Yang Wei Lun Warren, 10.05.2014

About Me
I'm a stubborn girl who treasure kinship & relationship.
I hate judgemental people cause they're brainless.
I only respect people who deserved to be respect.
Don't judge me cause even if you do, IDGAF!
Keep all your comments to yourself cause nobody's perfect.
I live for myself, not for others.
I do things my own way, cause I'm responsible for my own life & I don't need anyone to teach me.

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Look at how sushi sleep with his leg open wide! ❤✌ #qtpie #sushi

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New shoes added to my collection! ❤✌ #mk #coach

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Loving my new watch ❤ #blinkblink #mk #michaelkors #silver

So I actually got business for my entire trip to & fro. Just arrived at Singapore with le hubby. #Business #luckyme #sleepy #withhubby #awesome

Business class!

Here we go~

Ootd with le hubby ❤✌

Trying out the new green curry burger ❤